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Hi everyone, here we go with the latest blog post,

Well a lot has happened since my last post, I had a great day at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb with my partner Tracey, A completely crazy day at Ludlow Castle with King Henry VIII and his entourage. This did not pan out the way I thought by any means, Why? Keep reading…., and finally a catchup with good friends at the Victory show at Cosby in Leicestershire.
Lets kick off with a national round of the British Hillclimb Championship at Shelsley Walsh on Saturday the 12th August. The weather was typically British, Rain, sun, warm the usual. We started out with a visit to the paddock to see what cars were taking part. A few I remember from my days behind the wheel and some that were new to me plus the usual regulars. With some paddock images in the bag it was time to set off up the hill. I swear it gets steeper as you get older and a dodgy leg doesn’t seem to help much either! We made it about half way up and stood trackside in front of the members tent. To those of you that don’t know Shelsley Walsh the steepness of the track rises noticeably at this point and offers the photographer the opportunity to get great pan shots as well as sparks from under the bigger single seaters. After a period trying to get both types of image (with some success!) We moved on to bottom ess. At this point the rain decided to join in which made the track quite slippy. Following an ice cream and more pictures it was the end of the day so we headed back to the car and off home.
Next up was a visit to Ludlow Castle on Sunday 27th August 2023.
Well what an amazing event this turned into! The plan was Tracey and myself were supposed to be attending a “meet and greet” with Henry the VIII or to be more accurate a historical living history group called Past Time Living History. I cannot over emphasise what a wonderful group of people they are, friendly, knowledgable of their subject and quite happy to be photographed! At this point I must say taking people pictures is not my comfort zone at all but they were so friendly and happy for me to take their pictures the whole event turned into a dream come true for both of us. If you get the chance to see this group my advice is do it, you won’t regret it! Pictures from the event
And so to the Victory Show at Cosby in Leicestershire. Always a firm favourite this is the show that gives you a bit of everything! One day really isn’t enough to do this event justice especially if you want any hope of photographing everything that is happening. There are sales stalls, battle re-enactments, an air show and military vehicles large and small not to mention the re-enactors with all their equipment. This was a chance for me to catch up with some old friends and enjoy a great event in very good weather plus get some decent pictures as well. Air power was well represented by many warbirds that attended the event including a Spitfire, Hurricane, Catalina, Dakota,BBMF Lancaster, Rolls-Royce historic flight, Mustangs, a P47 Thunderbolt and a Messerchmitt 109. For me though the stars were an Avro Anson and the Westland Lysander. Two beautiful warbirds of WW2 from a time of this country’s darkest hour. These are not aircraft you can see every day in the sky by any means and to see both flying in one day was a real treat.

So, that’s what I’ve been up to this last few months. I hope your photographic journey has been fruitful too and we shall look forward to what autumn has to offer.
Thank you for reading my ramblings.

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