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Vulcan XM655 sits under a darkening sky.
Predictably the weather was VERY cold but thankfully there was no snow. I say thankfully but a snowy Vulcan would have made the shoot a bit more interesting! It was windy and at times quite blustery which made long exposures that bit more challenging especially when using the on site elevated platforms. With this in mind I tried my M50 out for a number of shots including all the high level images and I have to say early indications are it was a success. The combination of light weight and a higher ASA seems to have prevented blurred images!
In my earlier blog post I did say I was hoping to use my video gimbal on the day but in the end I opted not to. The reasoning behind the decision was two fold; firstly the simple logistics of carrying it along with my other gear from my car to the aircraft and secondly it somehow didn’t feel like the “right” place and time.
On this shoot I was trying out live view on the back of my 1DX for the first time, I managed to get a folding screen shade that fits very well and is held in place via the view finder. Actually seeing the image on a slightly bigger screen and being able to see adjustments as you make them is very handy when shooting a subject that won’t move. However, it does make “chimping” a bit more difficult when using the viewfinder. (Chimping is a term for checking your images on the screen after taking them!)
With the potential for strong winds in mind I used my heavy old aluminium Manfrotto tripod with a clip on the centre column for hanging my bag on. Providing your tripod is up to it this trick will make the tripod much more steady and less likely to wobble.
So far I am pleased with my results but there is still some editing still to do. For a short video of XM655 after dark pleaseClick here

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