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RAF Museum Cosford night shoot

Photo shoot at RAF Cosford museum with Threshold Aero
Saturday. 14th March saw myself and two friends attending the photo shoot held at the RAF Museum Cosford with Threshold Aero. The added attraction of the TSR2 and EAP being positioned outside made this a must do event.
The event was well subscribed with an estimated 200 photographers in attendance. Thankfully the weather held fair and there was no rain though it was cold. I took the opportunity at this event to try out my new Canon M50 at the start of proceedings. First impressions are very good (see Britannia image in photo shoot gallery.) I had to stop using it and revert to my EOS1 though as it has a VERY bright count down light on it that was reflecting off the aircraft!
The evening then progressed without further hitch until 30 minutes before the end when my lens had a dose of gremlins! (The joys of modern technology!)
I will be posting more pictures soon on this site and social media.

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