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An evening with Vulcan XM655
& Time Line events.

Saturday 27th November will be my first photoshoot for what seems an eternity! I will be joining with many other aviation photographic enthusiasts at Wellesbourne Airfield for an afternoon/evening shoot organised by Time Line events with 655MaPS. Click here
Since leaving the RAF 655 has had its share of up’s and down’s but today is in safe hands and hopefully on a now secure airfield. Vulcan’s are VERY imposing aircraft and to be able to get up close to one is a real pleasure.
This will be my second time with 655 and I’m thinking I should try something different. Last time I was just using my 1DX but this time I’m thinking of mixing it up a bit with my Canon M50 for stills and maybe try some video with the gimbal. Not sure if it will be possible or how it will turn out but if you don’t try you don’t know! The 1DX is a bit of a brick in terms of size and weight so I’m thinking I can get in closer to the re-enactors and move easier with the M50.
One thing that is most important with anything outdoors at this time of year is the weather. Wet or dry is one thing but as soon as it goes dark the temperature can very often tumble. Not sure which out of cold or wet is worse but a good few years ago I bought myself a quilted pair of overalls in readiness for a late November shoot at Bruntingthorpe. As it turned out on that occasion a wise choice as it snowed the day before! If you are new to all this I can tell you that airfields in autumn/winter are ALWAYS cold after dark so layers and/or an over suit is a good move. Not always the best look but so what? It’s an airfield photoshoot not a fashion shoot!
For those of you who have not done an outdoor shoot like this before here’s another few things to remember;
A head torch with red light. (Red doesn’t upset your night vision or other photographers!)
Decent footwear. Nothing too heavy duty but warm, dry and supportive is good.
A woolly hat and/or a neck gaiter. Neck gaiters work wonders for keeping you warm and some can be pulled up over the head with a hat on top.
A flask of something hot.
Something to eat ie chewy bar, Mars bar whatever your preference.
Gloves. My personal choice is Mechanix but as they say other options are available! They need to be warm and able to cope with wind/rain but not bulky.
I have to say I am seriously looking forward to this one, I love the Vulcan and having the chance to capture one at twilight is a magical experience. I’m just hoping whatever the weather throws at us it all goes well on the day.
Please check out the website for XM655 and if you are ever in the area stop and have a look at her.
I will post again after the shoot with info on how it went.

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