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After much deliberation and research I have taken the plunge and embraced the use of filters for my two main lenses.
Anyone reading this that has gone through this process will know that this is an expensive outlay and the nagging question is will they work for me? Also, with regards to the price tag it is understandable to wonder if there may be a cheaper option. My initial investment has come to near £600 but that has covered a Lee starter set and two 77mm adaptor rings. In the end I settled on Lee filters as everyone insists they are the very best quality and why would you try and improve your images with an inferior filter? Also, if you do buy a cheaper option and the quality is poor you have to give up OR buy the expensive option in the end anyway!
Due to stock shortages I am waiting for the adaptor rings but the filter set has arrived and first impressions are very good. The box is strong and secure with all items securely located inside. Every aspect of the unboxing oozes quality and a sense of needing to take great care of the contents. The round polariser is supplied with its own fitted pouch and a second pouch contains 3 more filters. These filters come in a soft cloth protector so the risk of scratches and fingerprints is drastically reduced. A further metal tin contains a very well protected Lee “Big Stopper” filter.
The actual filter holder feels strong and well made and comes with a draw string bag containing spare parts.
Although I mainly shoot aviation and motorsport I do like to slow things down occasionally and try some landscape images. I am hoping the filter set will help with my results and hopefully help to deliver top images straight from the camera as opposed to tweaking in post process. I’m also keen to see if filters especially the polariser will help with aviation. Sometimes the sky can be a very flat and dull grey (especially in the UK!) so hopefully the polariser might give dull sky’s some much needed punch and deliver the killer image.
I am pleased to say that during the time it has taken to write this post the two 77mm mounting rings have arrived and I have successfully fitted the holder to a lens. I was puzzled at first as the rings have no thread on them but quickly realised they fit by means of the bayonet fitting used to mount the hood. Everything fits very well and as stated previously you can feel the quality of manufacture in all the parts. I have acquired a bigger case from the internet big enough to take all the filters, the mount, mounting rings and necessary cleaning kit. There is nothing wrong with the case in the kit, in fact it is a very well made item but sadly it won’t hold everything.
So now I await the chance to take the filters out doors and try them out in some real world photography situations. Rest assured I will report back when this is done.

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