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Shooting stills and video at the same time.

How do you use two different cameras at the same time?!
Canon 1DX and 400mm lens with a top mounted Canon M50.
Some time ago I bought a GoPro Hero4 to mount on top of my camera so I could shoot video and stills at the same time. Using a commercially available hot shoe mount it worked really well but sadly the GoPro has one fatal flaw...a VERY wide angle lens. Unfortunately this makes it not really viable for shooting a flying aircraft so it was back to the drawing board!
For a good many reasons last year I bought a Canon M50 as I was in awe of its size, weight and all round ability. It suddenly dawned on me just HOW light this camera is so I tried mounting it on top of my 400mm lens. Initial thoughts are it fits well without making the rig too heavy but sadly due to Covid and the cancelling of so many events I have not yet had a chance to try it out in anger. One problem with mounting a video camera on top of a stills camera is the video will pick up the clicking of the camera’s shutter. I haven’t found a workaround to this as yet but I will be trying to come up with an answer.
Please view the above pictures.
Mounting the M50 proved quite easy by turning the 400mm lens tripod mount until it sits above the lens. Make sure it is dead on zero degrees or your video will come out at a jaunty angle! I then used a female arca Swiss mount on the M50 to join up with the male plate on the lens foot and it all felt great. As I said the problem is I haven’t as yet had a chance to try it out but as soon as is possible I will be giving it a go. If the results are good I will post the results on here and on my YouTube account.
One thing I did learn from the GoPro is the built in mike is ok but you can’t stop wind noise! Fortunately I have a small shotgun mike with a shaggy cover that will work with the M50.
The biggest problem is I cannot mount the main camera/lens on a gimbal or tripod as the lens’s support foot is in use already but I don’t see this as a major problem plus with the M50 attached with an arca Swiss mount it comes off very easily.

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