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Now on Picfair!

I am now uploading images to my Picfair page.
After much deliberation I have taken the plunge and started using a photo sale site.
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The big question is, have I picked the right one? So far it would be grossly unfair to answer that as I've only just started using it but I can tell you it is VERY easy to use. I'm not sure that Picfair is as big as other platforms but it seems to be growing fast. Others I have looked at are very picky as to what camera you use and can charge a lot of money to host your images. They will say we reach a bigger audience (maybe) but who trawls through ALL the images before picking what's right for them? The good news with Picfair is its free! Unless you upgrade to Picfair plus there is no charge to host your images. When an image is sold it is the buyer who pays a small commission to the site and that keeps the site going. So, if like me your budget isn't massive it all looks very good on paper, but does it work?
So far I have had no sales BUT it is early days. The site tells me how many views each image gets, with each view the potential customer gets a chance to click on all your social media icons and thus see more of what you have to offer. This seems like a very good way to get yourself out there and be seen without any serious outlay and that has got to be good! I will be posting more on this as time goes by so please keep watching for new updates.

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