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I vowed when I updated my website to keep my blog going and try and keep it up to date, then along came Corona and everything stopped! Sadly with nothing much happening there hasn’t been much to blog about just lately but fingers crossed this wretched virus will go and something resembling normality will return. I guess it makes us all realise how easily what we take for granted can be taken from us, and while we are all missing our air shows and other events we must not forget that so many have suffered life changing damage and even death due to it.
So I’m wondering what has everyone been doing during lock down/furlough? I bought a few bits of kit, re-discovered my love of film and processed many pictures via Lightroom. I’ve also started using affinity photo and procreate on my iPad. Very early days yet but there are some great image software options for editing on the go on your iPad/tablet out there. I’m no where near good enough to try and offer any advice or tips but they do offer very good value for money.
I am looking forward to doing more film photography, as you will know from my previous posts I have a few film SLR’s of my own plus those I inherited. I was able to get developed a film from one of my late uncles cameras that had been started by him many years ago. Sadly the colour had suffered very badly with age but the images were sharp so hopefully with a new film better results will be had.
I think it fair to say when I first started with my original blog all those years ago I thought it would all be so very easy! Ha, how wrong was I? Though I do enjoy posting on here, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram it does take up a lot of time to produce content. If you are starting out and think simply shoot it/upload it then I’m sorry to say you are in for a shock!
So what next? With fingers crossed we all hope and pray that the worst of Corona is behind us and realistically we can get back to life something like as we know it next year. I’m hoping to improve my editing skills more and one day achieve my dream of being published. I have no air shows booked for this year now so I will wait for 2021 to get my aviation fix. In the mean time PLEASE remember your local museums and exhibitions, they have suffered very badly and need our patronage to survive. Check them out and visit them if you can. Remember everywhere is a photo opportunity!!!

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