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So the new 27” iMac is up and running, but how was it to set up?
First the bad bit…. On removing the iMac from its VERY sturdy delivery box I found the stand is just not well finished off! All the edges were sharp and not well finished. On a computer from Apple of all people this I find very annoying especially when you consider what it cost! Apple, you need to address this! Right, rant over and on to the good bits… Sat on my desk it is STUNNING to look at and a pleasure to use. Apple’s way of working is different to Microsoft and when you first start with any Apple computer it does seem very strange. However, once you get used to it it begins to make sense.
The actual powering up and start up was very straight forward, on the back of the screen there are 4 USB-A sockets and 2 USB-C plus an Ethernet socket. It was simply a case of finding any drivers required online and downloading them. After that it was plug and play. Having the sockets on the back is nice and does give a clean desk appearance but is a pain to keep plugging/un plugging if the 6 ports are not enough. With that in mind I have added a 10 port USB dock that sits quite happy under the screen. So far this has been very successful with no issues.
I then imported my apps etc from the cloud and it was good to go!
Adobe’s software package runs beautifully on an iMac and is simplicity its self to instal and get running. I am typing this using the Pages app which thanks to the iCloud will be available across all my Apple devices. This is where the iCloud really comes into its own, I can edit images on any device and the images are available to show or upload from any other.
For those of you familiar with the Contour range of peripherals especially the Shuttle PRO v2 I can tell you it runs perfectly on the iMac and speeds workflow no end. I feel a blog post coming on about this wonderful device!
I haven’t completely finished the set up yet, I haven’t added my printers but so far I have no regrets about buying it. It is true that the price is high but its ability to deliver what you ask of it and more does mitigate this considerably. I have had a few good sessions using Lightroom CC on it and it has been a pure pleasure to use. I can enjoy using the program and watching my images form without having to keep messing with the computer at last!

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