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Picfair one week on.

My experiences with the image sale site Picfair after one week.
So, one week has passed since I started my Picfair journey, what are my thoughts so far?
Unquestionably it is VERY easy to use. Different people will have different solutions as to how they prepare images for upload but this is what I have settled on so far. I set up an export preset in Lightroom that sets all the necessary parameters for the image so it will upload without issue. Then its simply import, select all, export with preset, choose folder, export. I then select what I want to upload and the job is done.
As for exposure at my last check I have received over a hundred views so far and every one of those views offers the potential to see ALL my other social media channels and this website completely free to the viewer and me. That feels like a good deal to me.
Have I made a sale yet? Honest answer is no but I didn’t start this to create an income in its own right. Sales of stock images can be very hit and miss which makes stock sales not ideal as a sole income. What it IS doing is spreading my story to a new audience with the hope they will look deeper at who I am and what I like to shoot.
I do like the appearance of my account on the screen. It looks smart and professional yet simple and easy to navigate. So far I have 3 albums but that may increase with time. Setting up albums and assigning images to them is simplicity itself and this helps the account to look really good.
My final thought is this, its easy to find advantages with Picfair but very hard to find any disadvantages. I’m glad I have started my account and have every intention of growing it as part of my online presence.

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