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Midland Air Festival 2021

Midland Air Festival,Ragley Hall,June 5th 2021
My first air show of 2021!
Saturday the 5th was my first chance in a very long time to get to an air show. I have never been to the Midland show before which is rather ironic since I live in the midlands!
From a photography point of view this was the first outing since calibrating my camera and lens combinations, would it deliver the goods or make it worse? Also, it was my first outing since I stopped using my walking stick (a big story for another time!) would I stay on my feet or end up on the floor?!
I arrived just after 6am to a beautiful summer morning and the promise of a wonderful day ahead. Balloons were beginning to lift from the field alongside the house and the first spectators were taking up positions to watch the days displays. There were many balloons of different shapes and sizes including a fox, sheep, dinosaur and a koala bear! I believe in total 93 balloons took to the skies and it was a sight to behold.
There were many aircraft arrivals throughout the morning joining those already on site including Stampe biplanes, a Bell Sioux and Westland Scout helicopter both ex Army Air Corps and later in the day a Juno helicopter bringing Red 10 to commentate on the Red Arrows display.
The flying display commenced at 1pm and provided a feast for the senses of aviation old, classic, warbirds and new. Everything from biplanes of old through to the 2021 “Black Jack” Typhoon call sign Anarchy1 put on a wonderful show that was very well received by all present.
Sadly the Red Arrows had to display with only 8 aircraft as one had a bad fuel leak and was grounded at RAF Fairford which was being used a staging point for the weekends flying activities but despite this set back they still put on a display worthy of their reputation. Sally B the B17 looked stunning in her new paint and the Catalina “Miss Pick Up” wowed as always. For me the Hangar 11 Russian Spitfire stood out not only for its display but also for how different it looked. A Spit in Russian markings isn’t a sight you see every day.
So, to answer the questions.. Did the calibration work? Early signs are it worked very well. At the time of writing I have not begun editing yet but the images on my computer screen are very promising. I will follow up with another blog post on this when editing is underway.
Did I stay on my feet? Thankfully yes and this was a massive milestone for me.
Sadly this may well be my only air show of 2021 as no other shows are booked at this time BUT...In the coming months I will be on holiday twice in the Mach Loop so I am hoping to see some action then. Keep watching for further posts!

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