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My new Wacom Cintiq pro 24

So I have had just over a week owning this new tablet but IS it any good?
The tablet and stand arrived as two boxes both of which are heavy.
I have read elsewhere that people think the stand is expensive. There may be some truth in this BUT weather you opt for the 24 or 32 inch screen you need something strong and solid enough to hold it where you want it and the Wacom stand does exactly that. It is a quality piece of kit and very solid, it is also VERY heavy so make sure you set it up on a strong table! The stand fits together really well and no serious issues were found mounting the screen and putting it together.
The tablet oozes quality right out of the box, on the subject of which it is VERY securely packed in its box and care should be taken not to damage it. The Wacom stand allows the tablet to orientate in either portrait or landscape thus making it much easier to work on. The tablet has a magnet on each side to hold the multi button controller, this works well if the tablet is not set at a steep angle, but if it is then the controller will inevitably slip off and potentially damage its self or anything it falls on. For safety’s sake I am leaving mine on my desk.
In terms of getting the tablet working with the computer it turned out to be quite straight forward, just go to the Wacom website and download the software. My tablet is connected via USB and HDMI cables which is working very well. The Wacom software allows you to program the pen and multi button controller very easily allowing you to set up the shortcuts that are best for you.
So far I have only used Lightroom on mine but actually seeing the image on the screen and being able to work directly off that image is amazing and so much easier. I am looking forward to using Photoshop Elements on it soon though as I think the tablet will really come into its own then.
One thing I have found though and in NO WAY does this reflect on the Wacom tablet is as I am running three screens off my computer I tried running my BenQ screen using a DVI lead. The screen is great but DVI does NOT like high resolutions or long cables. If you are trying to use a DVI cable and its not working this is probably why! As a result of this I have invested in a four outlet HDMI graphics card and this has now fixed the problem. I can now run both Lightroom screens and have a third one for running youtube or any other program I wish.
So what next after Lightroom? As I said earlier I want to try Elements but I am also looking at video software and maybe digital art in the future. In all my years with digital photography I have only dabbled with the video side but I think it might be the next big adventure! I am already looking at mounting a small video camera on my telephoto rig for airshows but thats another blog post for another day!
In summing up I would say it is an amazing and very versatile piece of kit and well worth the price IF you can justify spending that amount. There are alternatives but I think this is a classic “get what you pay for”.
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