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Going back to 35mm film

Having recently inherited some old film cameras I decided to try them out.
View through a line of trees. Photo taken near Dolgellau, North Wales.
With the recent and very sad passing of my uncle I inherited his collection of books, photographs and cameras. He was never interested in digital imaging and stayed faithful to film all his life. So I now have a number of cameras very much from a bygone era and the question was/is, what to do with them? Should I simply put them on a shelf to gather dust or give them a try? I have opted for the latter and what a joy it has been. I am still very much a digital shooter but as I started out with film it has been a very pleasant experience so far. As I have two rolls of film away for processing I cannot say yet how successful my efforts have been but fingers are crossed.
What have I learnt so far? Old tech can still be good tech and fun to use. If like me you started out with film I totally recommend you give it a go. Generally old film cameras are cheap to buy assuming one isn’t gathering dust on your shelf already! 35mm film is easy to find, (Amazon, Wex etc) and not to hard to get developed.
I am adding a picture to this post so you can see my results so far. For more images shot on film Click here...
For other pictures taken on the same camera please visit my instagram account @karllucas1

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