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As an extension of my website here you will find my blog posts. They are my personal thoughts and ramblings! Please feel free to leave comment (I don't mind if you think differently to me!).

Hi everyone, here we go with the latest blog post,


Well a lot has happened since my last post, I had a great day at Shelsley Walsh Hillclimb with my partner Tracey, A completely crazy day at Ludlow Castle with King Henry VIII and his entourage. This did not pan out the way I thought by any means, Why? Keep reading…., and finally a catchup with good friends at the Victory show at Cosby in Leicestershire. ...more

A look back at RIAT 2023.


So, RIAT is over for another year. Kit has been cleaned, checked and packed away ready for the next outing and all the images are safely stored in the server. Time at last to reflect on the event and how it went. ...more

Blog update 2nd August 2022


So a lot has been going on since last I posted, I managed to end up in hospital needing surgery, I went to the Midlands Air Festival at Ragley Hall (massive thanks to my mate roger for taking me when I was unable to drive myself) and I attended Wartime in the Vale just before my return to work! Also, I invested in a second hand Canon EOS 5D mk4 as well. So, where shall I start….. ...more



So much has happened in the last few months I have neglected my blog updates!
So far I have done two very good shoots in 2022 so I think a catch up is in order. ...more

Photography with a disability


Those of you who have been following my posts will have noticed I have mentioned having an accident in my past. The details of what happened are not really relevant but the result was I suffered a broken hip joint. This happened just over four years ago and has caused much disruption and discomfort ever since, including over a year in total away from work. ...more

Lee Filters


After much deliberation and research I have taken the plunge and embraced the use of filters for my two main lenses. ...more

My journey into video.


Photography has fascinated me since I was young and capturing a great image has become something that in later life has motivated me to invest a considerable amount of time and money. It has only been quite recently that the moving image has also begun to attract my interest, I did try a VHS-C camcorder many years ago but I never had much success! Fast forward to more modern times and I invested in a GoPro to mount on top of my DSLR. ...more

Shelsley Walsh 14th August 2021


Shelsley Walsh 14th August 2021
Championship challenge
For the first time in possibly four years I finally managed to get to a meeting at Shelsley Walsh hill climb in rural Worcestershire. It seemed a lifetime since I used to compete there myself yet the atmosphere and excitement never changes. ...more



So the new 27” iMac is up and running, but how was it to set up? ...more

Midland Air Festival 2021


Midland Air Festival,Ragley Hall,June 5th 2021
My first air show of 2021! ...more

Adobe Photography package.


I have taken a subscription! ...more

Shooting stills and video at the same time.


How do you use two different cameras at the same time?! ...more

First time booking an air show.


So the time has come, you have seen all the images and videos on social media (hopefully some of them were mine!) and you have decided to go to your first air show. BUT, which one? Where? What do I need, so many questions! Hopefully with this post I can offer some help and advice. ...more

My new Wacom Cintiq pro 24


So I have had just over a week owning this new tablet but IS it any good? ...more

Picfair one week on.


My experiences with the image sale site Picfair after one week. ...more

Now on Picfair!


I am now uploading images to my Picfair page. ...more

Building an image archive (part 2)


What to do with all the photographs and negatives from our past plus those we inherit. ...more

Building an image archive (part 1)


If like me you are a passionate collector of old photographs weather taken by yourself or others sooner or later the one obvious question will hit you..... STORAGE. ...more

RAF Museum Cosford night shoot


Photo shoot at RAF Cosford museum with Threshold Aero ...more

Going back to 35mm film


Having recently inherited some old film cameras I decided to try them out. ...more



For many years I have had a stand alone blog called Karls Cars Photos.
Now I have established this blog page I will be winding up my old blog soon but I have copied my last post to here to get started. ...more

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