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So much has happened in the last few months I have neglected my blog updates!
So far I have done two very good shoots in 2022 so I think a catch up is in order.
First up TimeLine Events at Bicester Heritage Click here on the 2nd April;
This was my first time at Bicester and first impressions are it’s an amazing place! Timeline had arranged two shoots on the same day, one in the afternoon and one in the early evening. Sadly on both sessions the weather had it’s moments but in-between the showers it provided a very dramatic backdrop. Every cloud has a silver lining I guess!
I was there for the later shoot, two Tiger Moths, two vintage cars and three re-enactors were the order of the day and the whole event was very enjoyable. On this occasion the number of photographers had been kept down so there was plenty of room and opportunity to get all the shots you could wish for.
We started on the edge of the airfield but after a short while retired to a hangar due to a rather harsh downpour! Many different scenarios were worked through in the hangar before finishing off back out on the field with one Tiger Moth and the re-enactors. A big thank you to TimeLine for organising this event, Finest Hour for the aircraft and to the wonderful re-enactors for adding the personal touch.
A very enjoyable afternoon despite the weather!
Please follow these links for more information on Timeline Events Click here and Finest Hour Experiences Click here

The second shoot was with COAP Online (Centre of Aviation Photography) Click here on 9th April at RAF Wittering;
Thankfully on this shoot the weather really stepped up and helped deliver a truly memorable day for everyone. A massive thank you is due to Rich Cooper and his COAP team as well as the staff of RAF Wittering for all their hard work and efforts in making this shoot happen. Getting close on seventy civilians onto a live military airbase must have been a challenge to put it mildly so congratulations to everyone for making it happen.
The day started with the P1127 and the GR3 “deployed” in the wooded area at the far end of the airfield. From the outset the Harrier was designed to need no or very little runway to take off and engage the enemy. The idea was the jet could hide quite close to the front line then take off and attack at very short notice. This wooded area was used to train crews how to do this and had been very kindly reinstated by the heritage team Click here especially for the shoot. Having two airframes effectively divided the photographers into two smaller groups which made getting a clear shot much easier.
After a break for lunch the afternoon was based around Wittering’s flight line. The P1127 and GR3 had been moved from the wood during the lunch break and were now parked in a line with the T2 two seater and the GR7. The shoot proceeded until after sundown with many different scenarios available both with and without the re-enactors. The weather graciously provided a very angry looking storm to the north of the venue which gave a great sky scape without ruining the event.
This was my first event with COAP but definitely not my last! A very well arranged and structured day, it was a credit to the organisers and I cannot wait for the next one!

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