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Creating a movie.

In recent news posts you will see I mentioned posting videos to YouTube. A lot of my video content is shot with either a GoPro mounted on top of my DSLR or a Canon M50 hand held. I do possess a gimbal for the M50 but I’m still practicing with that. The video tends to be in short bursts especially at motorsport events so to make one big one it needs stitching together. On a MAC the Movie maker app works really well and offers a multitude of options I am only dabbling with so far. I sometimes also use pinnacle software on my PC which is very similar to Movie maker and again offers multiple options for creating video content.
For me what set this video apart from others I have done in the past was the creation of start and end titles using Adobe Express. Adobe’s Express program is immensely powerful and offers much to content creators both established and those new to social media. Mainly I use it for social media post creation and scheduling, something that Express truly excels at. I did initially baulk at another subscription to Adobe but I have to say for the cost involved this software has much to offer.
This is the YouTube video that attracted me to Adobe’s Express;
Adobe Express tutorial
I find it enables the creation of very professional looking content without being an expert.
I started my Prescott video by picking a still image taken at the event and importing it into the workspace on the program. I then added the titles, my copyright logo and exported the finished image to my desktop. I then repeated the process to create the end image before again exporting to my desktop.
To start the video I simply imported the start image and allowed enough time for the viewer to see it and understand what it is. Next I imported the first clip, trimmed to suit then added the cut sequence to the end. I prefer a sideways swipe but if you make your own video the options are many, it’s your choice. I then just kept adding clips and cuts then finally the end image.
And that’s it, it really is that simple.
The original idea behind this post was to show you how easy it is to produce a decent quality video very cheaply or even for free depending upon what software you have to work with. It has accidentally also drifted into a mini insight into Adobe Express. I’m not going any further into this on this post but I will cover Express more in a future post. (I need to explore it more myself first!)
Looking forward I am now considering shooting more video using a DSLR, probably my 5D. I have a small monitor that fits on top of the camera but gives a bigger view than the camera’s rear screen. As yet I have not used it other than to test it but it looks really promising. The 5D offers vastly superior image resolution and will hopefully take my video capture to the next level. I will post again with an update as to how successful the 5D was.

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