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I have taken a subscription!
As you will see from my news feed I recently took the plunge and took up a monthly subscription to the Adobe photography package. My primary reason for this was that I am a dedicated user of Adobe's Lightroom program and wanted to see what the latest version had to offer. My old Lightroom disc was the 6th edition and latest version in the package is 10.2 As you can imagine there are some significant upgrades! I am not the best person to go into detail about this, my advice would be to check out Ed Gregory at Photos In ColourClick here What I can say is I feel it has been worth the monthly investment and as yet I haven't even started with Photoshop! Personally my favourite upgrade is the dehaze slider, you might be fooled to think it's simply another way to sharpen your image but it is so much more than that. Used wisely it will really make an image "pop!" In this blog post I have included an image of the Belgian Air Component "Dark Falcon" F16 seen flying at RIAT Fairford. I really like how well this image came out and feel sure it would not have been so good a result had I been using the older version of Lightroom.
Subscribing was a simple and pain free experience and although you can only have it "live" on any two devices at once you can download it to as many as you like. If you wish to log in on a third device it tells you what you are already logged in on and offers you the choice to log out of a device you may not be using.

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