New computer

After many years of faithful service I have had to accept that my old windows PC is not up to the demands of modern photo and video editing software anymore. Having looked at the options very carefully I have taken the plunge and ordered a 27 inch iMac desk top.
As I wait impatiently for it to be delivered thoughts of have I done the right thing are inevitable, it is a big and expensive purchase so the obvious fear is will it meet my needs and give me value for money? It is Apple so the quality should be bang on, nothing Apple is ever cheep but quality comes at a premium that has to be met. Anyone who has seen the latest iMac will know it is aesthetically stunning but the ultimate test is will it deliver? In the past I have been able to use both Photoshop and Lightroom on my Mac book so I am confident all will be well. Please keep following for first impressions once it is up and running.