Video software and new YouTube content.

Working to enhance my YouTube channel.
I have had a YouTube channel for some time now but I wasn't happy with the content I had posted. I felt that just as with my still images I needed something to edit and enhance my videos. A quick look at what was available led me to Pinnacle studio 23, I am not going to try and use this news post as a platform to tell you how to use it (still working on that one myself!) or how good it is except to say having spent two days with it I am getting better results already.
I have just uploaded some new content to my channelClick here so please give it a look and feed back to me what you think. If you like it give it a thumbs up and maybe subscribe if you really like. Equally, if you have any advice or constructive criticism I will welcome that just as much. I am looking forward to shooting more video in the future so why not join me on the journey?